Having a home inspection is highly recommend by nearly all real estate professionals, including realtors and lenders.  For a buyer, an inspection will provide you with a significant amount of information about your home, including potential major issues or needed maintenance.  A typical home inspection in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, will cost around $340-$370.   This information can give the buyer a better idea of the true cost of owning/maintaining a home and alert them to major issues, that may lead them to cancel the purchase agreement.  Many buyers are also having inspectors do a Radon test.  The Radon test determines if a home has Radon in it, and at what level.  Radon is a naturally occuring gas that gets into homes from our soil.  It can specifically raise a person's chances of getting lung cancer.  The government has set an acceptable threshold for the amount of Radon in a home.  The inspector's Radon testing will run about $150-$175.  If the homes does test high for Radon, the buyer may have an opportunity to ask the buyer to put in a mitigation system to reduce the levels, or at least the buyer has the knowledge that it's in the home.  Inspections are worth the money, as they provide you with critical information that will lead you to go forward and buy a home or cancel the offer and move on.