If you are trying to buy in the Twin Cities, MN in 2015, you ABSOLUTELY need a buyer's agent to represent you.  Here's why:

*Homes sell sooo fast, that you need your own Realtor to get you into the house before it's accepted an offer

*If you don't have your own Realtor, you'll get "lost in the cracks".  It's a busy market and Realtors are working hard for their clients.  If you're not a client, you may not get top notch attention.

*You're finding listings on some websites, that aren't actually available anymore.  Realtors can solve this for you.

*You need to be aware of listings as soon as they come on the market.  Once again, Realtors can solve this for you, too.

These are just a few reasons why you want a Realtor to represent you as a buyer.  Good luck out there!