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10 Ways to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Fall

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The summer heat will soon be on its way out, and as things cool off you’ll have a chance to get out there and do a few things to give your home’s appearance a boost heading into fall. 

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or simply want to make improvements for you and your family to enjoy, consider these 10 tips to make your house look amazing.

1. Refresh the front door with a coat of paint.

A fresh coat of paint can really make your front door pop. If the door is in rough shape, you could buy a new one, but that can be expensive. So if the door is in good condition and you’re looking for an easy way to give your house a new face, break out the paint bucket.

2. Plant grass seed.

The cooler temperatures make fall the best to grow grass. Spread seed on patchy areas or overseed to thicken your lawn.

3. Replace or paint your mailbox.

You’re probably so used to seeing your own mailbox that you don’t think too much about it anymore. But a new (or newly painted) mailbox is a nice, cost-effective touch that conveys how much care you take in your home’s appearance, even down to the details.

4. Give the house a shower.

Pressure washing the exterior of your home – and other surfaces like driveways and walkways – is an excellent fall project. Using a pressure washer works best. If you don’t own one, you may be able to rent one from a local hardware store.

5. Trim the trees and shrubs.

Fall’s cooler weather is great for taking out the trimmer and cleaning up any overgrown trees and shrubs to give the landscape a well kept appearance.

6. Speaking of greenery, start planting.

Many shrubs, trees and perennial flowers succeed best when they are first planted in the fall, giving them time to get established before winter so they can come on strong in the spring.

7. Install flower boxes.

Flowers are an easy way to boost curb appeal. Window boxes are very popular right now. Plus, you can even get self-watering boxes to make caring for the flowers easier.

8. Freshen the landscape with mulch.

Use mulch to give landscaping a fresh, beautiful look while keeping weeds in check.

9. Talk about replacing windows, doors or the roof.

Replacing any of these items is an investment, so if you think your house may need any of them soon, talk to a contractor or two and get an idea of what the costs could be. It’s expensive, but it can make your home more desirable if you’re planning on selling in the next few years.

10. Paint the house numbers.

You can give the house a fresh look without painting the whole thing! Just painting those numbers on the front of the house can add an element of new-ness heading into winter.

Want more curb appeal ideas?

Talk to any of our talented, friendly Realtors! We’re always here to give advice. And if you’re thinking about buying or selling a home this fall, you can trust us to make it happen! Browse our site to see listings and give us a call anytime.

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5 Responses to “10 Ways to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Fall”

  • My mom is planning to sell her residential house this year, which is why she’s thinking of hiring an asphalt paving contractor that will be able to fix its cracks and holes. I agree with you that it would also be a great idea to upgrade the home exterior’s walls scones and replace any dated fixtures. Well, thank you for also sharing here that trimming the trees and pressure washing the exterior will help enhance the curb appeal.

  • I’m thinking of improving my home’s curb appeal by hiring a concrete contractor that may fix its cracked driveway. Well, you also have a point that it would be best to repaint or replace the mailbox because this may affect the whole home exterior’s ambiance. I’ll also keep in mind to pressure wash the driveway and the house’s exterior walls.

  • I am planning to sell our house. We would want to move to Florida for a change of scenery, especially during this Pandemic. Thank you for providing great ideas on how I can increase my home’s value. You have posted informative and helpful content.

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