Selling a home in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, will typically cost the seller a listing commission fee of around 6% (5%-7%) of the sales price, plus potentially, a smaller, flat fee called the brokerage commission fee (usually $400-$550).  In Minnesota, the seller pays a hefty commission to their listing brokerage.  This listing commission covers all of the marketing, paying the listing agent & their company, plus paying the buyer's agent and their brokerage.  Basically, the seller pays a large incentive in the form of a commission, to get buyer's agents to bring in clients and an offer.  Outside of the realty costs, a seller will typically pay additional closing costs, including title costs (settlement fee, etc..), recording fees, taxes, and paying off their current mortgage.  A Realtor can give you a pricing opinion on what your home will sell for, plus your likely net equity.  Your net equity shows what you'd expect to make upon the sale of your home after all of the above costs.  With CU Realty we guarantee that our credit union sellers will receive a listing commission fee of only 4.95%* (not including short sales or vacant land).