It is very common for people to have credit scores or histories that do not allow them to get mortgage financing.  Often people in these situations feel isolated and don't always want to talk to a professional about their situation.  However, if you want to buy a home and your credit score or other credit issues are standing in the way, you should talk to a licensed mortgage loan officer right away.  Even if you are not approved for a mortgage right now, they will help you determine what steps that you need to take to get approved.  It's very common for people to be able to get approved sooner than they think, once they complete a few things that increase their score.  

People who have had a foreclosure or short sale in their history, should also talk to a loan officer to see when they will be able to get approved.  Once again, it may be sooner than they expect it to be.  And whatever your situation, be open and honest about everything with your loan officer.  Don't try to hide anything.  It will hurt you in the long run during the process.

When you contact a loan officer, make sure it is someone that will take the time to help you now and in the future.  There are many great mortgage loan officers out there.  Find one who will invest in you.

If you are a credit union member, you can start at your credit union.  Many of them offer fantastic mortgages to members.  Otherwise, go with a referral from a family member or friend.  CU Mortgage also has a great team of loan officers to help.