Are you looking for a patient, professional Realtor to get your home sold or to help you in buying a home?  If so, you should consider talking to one of our great Realtors.  Here's a few reasons why:

*Our Realtors do what it takes to get the job done -  They have the drive and problem solving skills that will help you to get over hurdles and around problems that can arise during buying and selling.  They won't avoid issues and let other people "try to figure it out", instead they will use their experience and comittment to you, to get through a challenging situation that may appear to be derailing your property transaction.   

*Full-Time & Experienced - Over 90% of our Realtors are full-time agents, which means that you get 100% of their focus and time.  We also have a high level of experience, with a majority of our agents having 8 years or more experience in the real estate industry, 3 with over 20 years experience, and all with at least 2.5 years.  This combined with being full-time, gives you an agent with many transactions "under their belt", which translates into experience.  With all of the different issues in real estate, a Realtor with more experience (whether years and/or number of transactions) is extremely valuable to their clients.  At CU Realty, we also keep our team at a size where we can easily assist each other if needed and we continue to value the sharing of expertise amongst our Realtors.

*CU Realty is a Trusted Name - You may not know CU Realty, Inc or CU Companies if you are not a credit union member.  "CU" stands for credit union.  We are part of CU Companies, which is owned by 66 credit unions in the state of Minnesota.  CU Companies is actually a national company, which has several business units, but focuses on providing mortgages in 40 states in the US.  Most often, CU Companies is working with owner and partner credit unions to provide mortgages to members.   CU Realty does not do alot of advertising outside of the credit union world, but we are recognized within the credit union community as a reliable, trusted real estate company.  So, just because we don't do alot of advertising in the Twin Cities, doesn't mean that we're not a great company.  We are and many organizations trust us with their most valuable commodity, their members.  CU Realty Realtors can work with both credit union members and non-members.  We love to help everyone!