Want to take advantage of the seller's market and rising home prices this spring or summer? Here are some tips to selling fast and for top dollar:

*Start getting ready sooner rather than later!  You'll need time to get your house ready.  It always takes longer than expected to prep your house for listing.

*You will be moving anyway, so get rid of any extra stuff (decor, furniture, etc..) now.  Give it away or store it, but remove it from the house.  You want buyers to see the house, not your things.

*Clean is in!  Do a thorough deep cleaning of your home, including the kitchen appliances, bathrooms, utility rooms, garages, and the exterior.  Buyers love a super clean home.  It warms their heart and gives them good vibes about the home.

*Fresh, neutral paint any walls that are scuffed or dirty or have a bright, intense color.

*Invest in new stainless steel appliances for the kitchen.  Buyers love them and the stainless steel can help modernize an outdated kitchen.  

*Paint outdated kitchen cabinetry white, gray, or espresso.  There's a reason most new construction has white kitchens.  It's because buyers love them right now.  Instead of replacing cabinets (which costs alot), maybe you can just paint them.

*Paint your front door a current color for top curb appeal and cuteness.

*Don't overprice.  Price at or below market.  This will often lead to multiple offers for you and a higher price.

*The most important tip is to listen to your Realtor on staging recommendations and pricing!  They are the experts and will tell you the path to success, based on your home's situation.