Buyers for townhomes will usually include a contingency in their contracts that allow them to have 10 days to review the association documents and resale disclosure and to also cancel during that time frame.  Often townhome sellers do not have the association documents available during the initial listing time, as sellers have to pay their associations a fee to get the updated documents and the resale discloure certificate.  These documents have to be current within 90 days, so the sellers normally don't order them until they have an accepted contract.  Common association rules will apply to pets (number and/or weight limit), rentals (may not allow or may have restrictions), what an owner can have on the exterior of the home (signs, flags, planters, etc..), and more.  Even before seeing the association rules, a potential buyer can get a good idea of the association rules by driving through the neighborhood.  Do you see dogs?  Do you see personal items on the outside of homes, etc...  Good luck buying your townhome!