You're getting ready to buy or sell a home and it can be a bit nerve-wracking.  Maybe you're a first-time home buyer or maybe you're an empty-nester and will be down-sizing, but your previous Realtor is now retired.  So, you're on the search for a Realtor to represent you! 

Here are some good questions to ask any Realtor to help determine their experience level, how they communicate, and if they seem to be the right fit for you:

*How many years experience do you have in Real Estate?  Have you always been on your own or have you ever been part of a team or an assistant?   Do you consider yourself to be full-time or part-time?  After you get these answers, ask approximately how many transactions they have had during their career and in the last year.

The key to finding out a Realtor's experience lies more with the number of transactions, than years in the business.  Here's why - a Realtor may have been licensed for 15 years, but also had another full-time job during most of that time.  So, they may have only done 1-4 transactions each year, where a newer Realtor who has been licensed for 3 years, could actually have a higher total number of transactions and thus, more potential experience.

The fastest way that Realtors learn is through each transaction where they are representing a buyer or seller.  Because each transaction situation is different, Realtors gain valuable experience with each new deal.  This is critical, because there are so many variables in working with real estate transactions.

So, don't overlook a Realtor who has been in the business a few years, as they could already have a good amount of experience.  Likewise, any Realtor that is doing 10+ deals a year consistently, should have good solid knowledge and experience.

*Do you work on your own or are you part of a team?  If they're part of a team, ask if you'll be working with anyone else from the team?  If so, when and why?

*How do you prefer to communicate with your clients?   Phone, email, text, apps, in-person, or more?

*What are the costs of working with you and your real estate brokerage?  Do I pay your firm a commission?  Do I pay your firm a brokerage administrative commission?  If so, how much?

*Are there certain hours or times that you are available to show homes?

The answers to these questions will vary with each Realtor and brokerage.  But these basic questions will help you when interviewing potential Realtors to represent you!