Buying a home can be a challenging experience with so many decisions that have to be made. One decision that you will make as a buyer, is whether or not to have a home inspection as part of your offer.  Not having a home inspection may be ideal for the seller, but it's risky for the buyer.  

By including a home inspection contingency as part of your offer, you as the buyer have the right to have an inspection, negotiate for repairs, and even cancel the contract during a set time frame.  When you have a professional home inspection done on a property that you are considering buying, you will be made aware of any and all issues that the inspector can see or detect.  Even if no major issues are uncovered, there will usually be minor findings and/or maintenance items that come up.  The inspection will educate you on any immediate repairs that are needed, or at the very least let you know what minor repairs or maintenance you may want to do.


Sometimes inspections may uncover major issues, such as a malfunctioning furnace, roof in poor condition, etc...This is extremely valuable for the buyer, as you have been made aware of a serious defect that is typically costly, as well.  With the inspection contingency, you have options when this type of situation arises, versus being locked in.

There are additional inspections that a buyer may want to do, such as Radon testing, moisture testing, and more.  Testing for Radon is commonly done by buyers now.  This is a good inspection to consider doing, as high Radon levels in homes can be very dangerous, as Radon is a known carcinogen to humans.

The standard home inspection will cost around $350-$425.  Radon testing typically costs around $150-$175.

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Good home shopping!  Hire an inspector and protect yourself.